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Hedvig Mollestad Trio – a forceful performance

There is no end to the amount of superlatives one can use to describe this trio’s musical talents, Wednesday night they rocked the stage at Clarion Tyholmen Hotel. The mood amongst the audience was expectantly and controlled, but all that changed when the mighty trio entered the stage, and showed us what they can do. The combination of jazz sounds and hard rock rhythms is something needed in the music world. And the Hedvig Mollestad Trio is making their mark.

Hedvig Mollestad trio, foto: Birgit Fostervold

The audience started surely, but slowly moving their feet and nodding their heads to the beats produced on stage. With these artists there was no way one could avoid moving one’s limbs once the music started.

With the tune «In The Court Of The Trolls» you are thrown into a sweet, rocked Peer Gynt-like world, with deep hard rock sounds that make you want to start head banging instantly. When the end of the tune approaches, you feel drawn to the inner most sanctity of a cave, and the shifts between the guitar, bass and drums slide into each other like the greatest, and most violent mountain stream of water.

Hedvig Mollestad trio, foto: Birgit Fostervold

Hedvig Mollestad is from Ålesund and fronts the group on the guitar, and she went to the Norwegian Academy of Music to train as a jazz guitarist. She also plays in several other rock- and jazz bands.

Ellen Brekken, the bass player shows an incredible musical versatility, and strength by playing both bass, contrabass and the tuba. Brekken is from Tynset, and as her two other band members she also went to the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Hedvig Mollestad trio, foto: Birgit Fostervold

Mollestad says about the drummer Ivar Loe Bjørnstad that even though went to school and studied jazz, he has: «a rock-aesthetic, he drums hard, and has a nice approach to music, is dedicated and very open minded.” This night is no different, when he drums, he takes us into a deep darkness you do not want to escape. It is exciting, raw, and leaves you wanting more.

Hedvig Mollestad trio, foto: Birgit Fostervold

These three have an interaction which is flawless, it is evident that the three members are essential to creating their unique sound. Their sound is a mix between jazz musicians like Miles Davis, heavy rockers like Black Sabbath, and the legendary blues artist Jimi Hendrix.

Towards the end of their repertory the artists raised the roof when Brekken went into the audience and whaled on her bass in front of eager listeners. She even sat down in the audience and played the bass, nailing her tunes.

Hedvig Mollestad trio, foto: Birgit Fostervold

Back on stage Mollestad and Brekken swapped doing each other’s chords on their instruments to the company of the audience’s cheers and applauses. This musical experience goes down in my history as one of the most joyous and ecstatic experiences I have ever had, and with the participation of the audience it seems as though this was the case for several people.

Text: Camilla Haugen
Photography: Birgit Fostervold

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